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Because spills happen in a variety of environments, Silverback has a variety of absorbents to address all needs. These absorbents are available in rolls, pads, pillows, bags and socks or booms.

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SpillFix Organic Absorbent SpillFix General Purpose Organic Absorbent 50L

SpillFix is such an effective absorbent because each particle is made up of tiny capillaries that together work as thousands of micro sponges.

$35.57 Inc GST
Hazchem Absorbent Boom Hazchem Absorbent Boom 1200mm x 75mm

Absorbent Booms Contain and minimise the area effected by land based spills.

$48.33 Inc GST
Plugitup Plugitup Temporary Tank & Drum Repair Putty

A single worker is able to temporarily repair holes, tears and ruptures in tanks, drums, pipes, tankers and barrels etc. No surface preparation is needed.

$61.42 Inc GST
SPILL STOP Econo Absorbent SPILL STOP Econo Absorbent 10kg Bag

Spill Stop Econo is a mineral diatomite absorbent that offers a physical & chemical entrapment/absorption of most liquids & gases. It is naturally very porous, and can hold up to 150% of its weight in water.

Minimum Order Quantity 4

$27.50 Inc GST