0.7Mt - 2 x 50mm, LC 2500kg per strap - Towing V-Bridle With Dual Straps & Snap


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Product Code: 10616-7

Brand: Silverback

Silverback Towing Bridles are designed to meet the ruggedness of the Towing, Vehicle Recovery and Car Carrying industry. Silverback towing bridles are reliable and give peace of mind that your load is secure. All our towing bridles are designed, manufactured and tested for compliance with AS/NZS 4380:2001 and are backed by the Silverback assurance of quality.

Towing Bridles comes in 3 different types - 10616-5 and 10616-7 which come with lifting Snap Hooks which are ideal for most vehicles, and 10617 which comes with 16mm Wire J hooks. All our bridles come with lifting master link, 2 x 50mm x 500mm or 700mm webbing and compliance tag with the LC and Australian Standards.

This item has the 700mm long silver straps with snap hooks.

IMPORTANT – Load Restraints are not to be used for lifting applications.