250mm Class 2.3 Toxic Gases Adhesive Label

250mm Class 2.3 Toxic Gases Adhesive Label


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Class 2.3 toxic gases may cause death or injury on inhalation. Many of these also have other properties (e.g. may be flammable, oxidizing or corrosive). Class 2.3 is never used as a subsidiary risk. If a material meets the criteria it will be classified as a toxic gas.
Eg: Anhydrous Ammonia, Methyl Bromide, Sulphur Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide.
Our Class 2.3 dangerous goods labels are printed with UV resistant inks on quality vinyl. Dangerous goods adhesive labels are designed to adhere to EIP's, Shipping containers, IBC's and any dangerous goods container that is stored or transported.

Gases are defined by dangerous goods regulations as substances which have a vapour pressure of 300 kPa or greater at 50°c or which are completely gaseous at 20°c at standard atmospheric pressure, and items containing these substances. The class encompasses compressed gases, liquefied gases, dissolved gases, refrigerated liquefied gases, mixtures of one or more gases with one or more vapours of substances of other classes, articles charged with a gas and aerosols.

Dangerous gases are mostly carried under pressure to reduce their volume and save space in transport and storage. An empty, or partially filled gas container that has contained a dangerous substance is treated the same as a full container and is therefore subject to all the relevant transport dangerous goods regulations. The container can only be treated as non-hazardous if adequate measures have been taken to nullify any hazards.

Gases are capable of posing serious hazards due to their flammability, potential as asphyxiants, ability to oxidize and/or their toxicity or corrosives to humans.

ADGC sets out the technical requirements for the transporting of Dangerous Goods. Silverback stocks a wide range of Dangerous Goods labels, class labels, class diamonds, hazchem labels and placards specifically for the labelling and identification of Hazardous and Dangerous Goods. Our DG labels comply with ADGC compliance and standards.

IMPORTANT: Please note - Label images shown here are for illustrative purposes only and may not be a true representation, as class labels are subject to legislative changes periodically. Silverback ensures that all of its class labels comply with the relevant legislation at your time of purchase.