250mm Class 5.1 Oxidizing Agent. Adhesive Label

250mm Class 5.1 Oxidizing Agent. Adhesive Label


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Class 5.1 oxidizing substances are those which, while in themselves not necessarily combustible, may, generally by yielding oxygen, cause, or contribute to, the combustion of other material. Because of their high oxygen content, these are often reactive materials. They may react with other flammable or combustible materials and generate heat, leading to fires, which the oxidizing agents will supply the oxygen to keep the fire burning without any help from normal oxygen in the air (as is the case with normal combustion).

Eg: Ammonium Nitrate, Hydrogen Peroxide, Potassium Permanganate, Calcium Hypochlorite.

Such fires may, therefore, break out and continue in confined spaces, e.g. Inside cargo holds. And once started, they may be difficult to extinguish. Blanketing with powder or foam is useless, as the oxygen is already present in the agent underneath. The only method is to use a large amount of cold water, but if the fire is in an enclosed space, it may be difficult to reach, and the heat generated is such that a very large amount of water may be needed.

Some oxidizes can be explosive if heated, particularly in the presence of carbon. Ammonium nitrate (a readily available farm fertiliser) mixed with hydrocarbon oil, e.g. Diesel, becomes a powerful explosive, much used in the extractive industries.

Our Class 5.1 dangerous goods labels are printed with UV resistant inks on quality vinyl. Dangerous goods adhesive labels are designed to adhere to EIP's, Shipping containers, IBC's and any dangerous goods container that is stored or transported.

ADGC sets out the technical requirements for the transporting of Dangerous Goods. Silverback stocks a wide range of Dangerous Goods labels, class labels, class diamonds, hazchem labels and placards specifically for the labelling and identification of Hazardous and Dangerous Goods. Our DG labels comply with ADGC compliance and standards.

IMPORTANT: Please note - Label images shown here are for illustrative purposes only and may not be a true representation, as class labels are subject to legislative changes periodically. Silverback ensures that all of its class labels comply with the relevant legislation at your time of purchase.