Ygen 8 YG-2000A Semi Auto Pallet Wrapper Machine

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Product Code: 21031

Brand: CPS

Silverback with conjunction with one of our key suppliers offers an extensive range of semi-automatic and fully automatic pallet wrapping machines for businesses of all sizes. This pallet wrapper is suitable for any companies wrapping 5 to 30 pallet a day.

Feature: Cycles for film carriage up and down, Top wraps for pallet, Waiting time for top sheet, Bottom wraps for pallet, Top wait function, Reset, Manual button for turntable rotation, Manual control for film carriage up YG-2000A, Manual control for film carriage down, Speed control for turntable, Up and down speed control for film carriage, Run/stop, Manual/auto option, Stop, Power on/off

Diameter of turntable ?1500mm

Mast height 2700mm max. Pallet height: 2300mm

Pallet weight Capacity: < 2000kg

Machine size L(2550)xW(1500)xH(2800)mm

IMPORTANT – Some items may not be stocked at time of ordering, please contact Silverback for a quote and lead times