Dewatering Oil-Water Separation Bag Wand Attachment

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Product Code: 25104-W

Brand: Envirosmart

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The Portable Oil and Water Separator Filter Bag Wand has been designed to increase performance whilst conducting dewatering activities through the filter bag. It achieves this by the even dispersal of waste water through a perforated outlet around the Wand attachment. This maximises the outlets effectiveness for wastewater passing through the filter bag, whist capturing hydrocarbons and sediment resulting in efficient and effective filtration results.

<,p>The Wand attachment is 1300mm long with a 50mm diameter. It features a female/male camlock and 50mm Ball Shutoff Valve making Filter Bag changes a lot easier whilst assisting to prevent untreated water from escaping into the environment. This popular device is suitable for larger size portable Oil & Water Separator Filter Bags as the Wand requires to be inserted at least 650mm into the filter bag for correct fitment.

Designed for: Increasing efficiency of Portable Oil & Water Separator Filter Bag through even dispersal of waste water. PVC Shutoff valve reduce risk of untreated water escaping during filter bag changes. Easy attachment to outlet hose, Reusable, Australian Made

Features: 1300mm L x 50mm Día PVC Pressure Pipe, 50mm Female & Male Camlock, 50mm PVC Ball Valve, Perforated outlet (needs to insert at least 650mm