Drain Warden 1200mm x 1200mm - 600mm Basin

Drain Warden 1200mm x 1200mm - 600mm Basin


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Brand: Envirosmart

Drain Warden is a cost effective device that can be fitted to each grate that leads into a stormwater line. This product is able to assist in the management of the site stormwater by capturing oil, fuel, soil and other debris that would have otherwise been washed from within the site and entered the stormwater flowing from the site. It captures these materials from the first flush from the site and then enables the excess of larger flows to bypass the filtering and absorption actions

Drain Warden are a stormwater drain filtration system, storm water has now become and will continue to be a key to proactively playing a part in minimising the impact of pollutants reaching environmental habitats. Water runoff from all exposed surfaces, poses a risk of pollutants entering our waterways. Outdoor parked vehicles, machinery, roads and driveways are all potential sources. For businesses with stormwater drains on site, a Drain Warden is an effective, economical investment that requires no effort once installed other than a periodical inspection.

Here's how they work.

The Drain Warden sits suspended in the drain pit, held into place by the weight of the grate itself and Velcro retrieval tabs. Stormwater entering the drain, filters through the geotextile fabric and a replaceable highly absorbent polypropylene bilge sock. Solids, silt oil, hydrocarbons and trash are captured in the filter basin or bilge sock as water freely passes through.

Drain Warden is an efficient and practical stormwater drain filtration solution for worksites, carparks, marinas and shopping centres.

Designed for: Worksites, Industrial sites, Carparks, Marinas, Shopping Centres anywhere there is a drain


Removes debris pollutants from stormwater, Built in overflow feature for extreme rain fall conditions, Variety of sizes available and custom made to order options, Safe & easy to install, Economical plus they are Australian Made.