Spill Barrier Containment Bund EVA Sponge 970mm x 140mm x 24mm

Spill Barrier Containment Bund EVA Sponge 970mm x 140mm x 24mm


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Product Code: 25121422

Brand: Prenco

Silverback's Spill Barrier Bund is resistant to a wide range of chemicals and can be used for most bunding applications. These Spill Barrier Bund is easy to install - just peel the plastic cover on the flat underside of the Spill Barrier Bund thus exposing the sticky glue. Mitre cut the bund to form corners and use a contact adhesive to join.

Silverback's Spill Barrier Bund will accommodate the use of a forklift and any road vehicle as long as approached carefully. Note however, that the bund can be easily damaged or torn by forklift tynes or turning wheels whilst on top of the bund. These Spill Barrier Bund has a bevelled edge on either side and a flat top surface which allows a forklift/vehicle to move unrestricted up and over the unit. It compresses slightly to help the transition over the bund. It is available in yellow colour only and has interlocking ends.

Please note that these Spill Barrier Bund is NOT suitable for uneven surfaces such as bitumen (unless the bitumen is sealed prior to install)