K-Sorb Floating Absorbent Fibre 5L Bag

K-Sorb Floating Absorbent Fibre 5L Bag


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Brand: Envirosmart

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K-Sorb is an oleophilic (absorbs oil-based liquids) hydrophobic (resists water) cellulose absorbent. It is a great organic alternative to polypropylene absorbents for absorbing hydrocarbons, oils and greases on land and on water. The hydrophobic fibre stabilises oil-based sludge separating free oils from water and can be used to remove contaminants in ponds, creeks, lagoons and marinas.

On land, K-Sorb Hydrophobics high capillary wicking action instantly draws in hydrocarbons encapsulating them into its hollow fibres allowing for a fast clean-up before the spill spreads. It is for this reason, being biodegradable and its ability to not leach liquids back into the environment that disposal to land fill may be possible subject to local regulations and guidelines.

Designed for:

Indoor / Outdoor land based applications and spills close to or on water

The cleaning up and removal of oil and oil based fluids


Automotive industry

Manufacturing industries




Compatible with oil and hydrocarbons

Rapidly encapsulates liquids preventing them leaching back into the environment

Absorbs 13 times it's weight in oil

Lightweight with low dust content

Fast wicking action