100L General Purpose PREM Prenco Spill Kit

100L General Purpose PREM Prenco Spill Kit


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Product Code: 258120PGP

Brand: Prenco

PRENCO Spill Response Kits are designed for first response to spills or to help contain larger spills from spreading into the environment until back-up absorbents and secondary spill containment equipment is available.

Our 100L General Purpose Premium Prenco Spill Response Kit features a multi-purpose, industrial grade spill kit that offers a clean-up solution to "General Purpose" fluid spills in the workplace.

Suitable for absorbing approximately 100L of oils, fuels, solvents, agricultural chemicals, coolant and general workshop non-aggressive chemicals.

Locate in loading and refuelling bays, at storage tanks, near storm-water drains and around the factory adjacent to process machinery.