40L Hazchem Uni Safe Compact Prenco Spill Kit

40L Hazchem Uni Safe Compact Prenco Spill Kit


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Product Code: 25840US

Brand: Prenco

The 40L Hazchem Uni-Safe Compact Prenco Spill Kits kit is suitable for absorbing up to approximately 40L of most hazardous chemical spills. This custom kit contains the Uni-Safe ph-Plus chemical binder. This powder absorbs and gels all chemicals (except mercury), biotech liquids, and even body fluids without creating a reaction. This unique “one absorbent for all chemicals” product has many benefits offering a high level of safety for the responder personnel in rapidly turning the chemical into a solid whilst suppressing the hazardous vapours—an essential compact kit for hazard response teams.

Compact kits contain all the necessary PPE, clean-up tools, and waste bags required and are ideal for small laboratories, chemical stores, workshops, loading bays, warehouse facilities, onboard vehicles, or accompanying plant and equipment.