Draeger Oxy 3000 MKIII Self Contained Rescuer

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Product Code: 30159

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Robust and always under control: the oxygen self-rescuer Drager Oxy 3000 is designed to handle the harshest conditions. The safety eye provides an additional level of security: the status window allows the user to assess whether the device is operations within seconds.

Additional advantages

? Compact, ergonomic shape

? Worn with a hip belt, shoulder strap or hand belt

? Opening mechanism with one-handed operation for right-handed or left-handed wearers

? Optional rubber abrasion protection to protect against wear and tear

? Immediate activation of starter when donning the device

? Light, compact functional unit

? Comfort bite mouthpiece for high wearing comfort

? Anti-static breathing bag

Note: The Draeger Ocy3000 MkIII Self Container Rescuer is a single use item for emergency use. The unit needs to be replaced once the seal on the outer case has been broken.

Has a shelf life of approximately 10 years based on normal storage, this would be less if the unit is exposed to adverse conditions. The 10 years is the maximum life from the date of entering service and only applies to unopened devices. The anti-tamper seal can be replaced if it is damaged or comes off without the straps releasing from the unit. This can happen if the opening latch is lifted slightly on accident.