SILVERBACK COVID-19 Communication to all stakeholders
The Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic is impacting us all in ways we could never have foreseen just a few weeks ago. We at Silverback have been actively managing the issues we face.

SILVERBACK COVID-19 Communication to all stakeholders

To All Silverback Business Partners,
The Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic is impacting us all in ways we could never have foreseen just a few weeks ago. We at Silverback have been actively managing the issues we face.

Our highest priority is to implement measures that aim to ensure the immediate and ongoing health and safety of our people and all others we interact with.

Specifically we have implemented the following measures:
  • Staff who can do so are working remotely from our offices in their own homes so as to reduce possible exposure opportunities.
  • Only essential staff are operating our showrooms, warehouses and head office.
  • A number of “Social Distancing” requirements have been implemented for our people:
    • Face to Face business partner interactions have been ceased and other communication methods adopted.
    • Our delivery drivers have been instructed to maintain a full 1.5m distance from all other persons they come in contact with in the course of their duties.
    • Our warehouse staff have been given similar instructions.
    • We have implemented a policy of no signing for receipt or delivery. Staff will simply record the name of the person receiving/delivering from/to us.
    • We have set up physical barriers in our showrooms to ensure the appropriate distances are maintained.
  • All our people are practicing enhanced personal hygiene processes as per guidance from the health authorities.

Whilst these health and safety measures have been implemented, we recognise that our customers are critically engaged in ensuring basic transport and logistics services are provided in this difficult time. We see our role is to provide support to the businesses keeping Australia going.

To that end we are heavily focused on ensuring we can continue to service our customers.

Silverback sources product from local and overseas suppliers and factories. We always plan and maintain inventory levels for the Chinese New Year period and this year was no different so our stock levels remain healthy to meet normal demands for this time of the year.

Since the onset of the Coronavirus in China in January, we have been in constant communication with our supply partners here and in China, noting their on the ground updates and advice to manage our current inventory and supply chain requirements.

The good news is most of our China factories are now operating at close to 100% capacity. New purchase orders are in production and our future stock levels are looking secure for most products. We are however noting some difficulty in sourcing some items of PPE that may have use in a medical setting. Supply of some of these products will be impacted for the medium term.

Further to this, where we source products from countries other than China, the situation is changing, sometimes by the hour. We are continuing to monitor these changes and take action as required.

Finally, we are a business with a strong focus and core value of solving our customers’ problems. We have access to products from a wide variety of sources and we are able to create new solutions to new problems. If you have a problem you are struggling to find a solution to, please reach out to Silverback and we’ll work with you to find a solution.

Silverback expresses our best wishes for all our business partners over the coming months. We are facing an extraordinary situation, but we are all in it together.


Dave Crooks