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Bulk Liners for Dry Goods

Silverback liners keep products and containers clean and secure by protecting them from contamination. They also protect equipment and the environment from the product by fully enclosing the dry goods. Each liner is a result of many years of development and customers can be assured the perfect liner exists or can be developed for their product.

Types of product

Liners are used for a wide and constantly growing range of granular and powder products as a highly effective and time saving alternative to sacks and bags. The following is merely an illustration of some of the products suitable for transportation in liners:

Food stuffs

Barley, Fishmeal, Peas, Cattle Feed, Flour, Rice, Cocoa, Lentils, Salt, Corn, Milk Powder, Animal Feed, Soya Beans, Mixed Grain, Feed, Pellets, Starch, Seeds, Wheat, Sugar, Tea Leaf, Beans and Nuts.


ABS Resin, Polyester, Granules, PTA, Aluminium, powder, Polyethylene, Granules, Soda Ash, Fertilisers, Polycarbonate, Granules, Catalysts, Glass Beads, Polypropylene, Granules, PE Resin, PS Resin, Nylon Chips, Resin, PVC Resin, PVC Granules, Powder, Granules, PP Resin, Pigments, Zinc Powder and Detergents.

Why use dry bulk liners?

  • Protects products from

  • Seals out water.

  • Fast to install, load and

  • Tailored to all filling and
    discharging systems.

  • Highest quality performance
    and reliability.