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Covers for Flat Rack or Open Top containers and Trailers

Silverback covers are ideal for covering pallets, loads of steel, timber, plasterboard, machinery crates, boats etc. Or if you are using a flat rack or open container we have covers to suit 6.1M, 12.2M 13.5M trailers, containers or smaller rolls of plastic bags for covering your palletised goods.

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Black Container Covers Black Container Covers

Black colour for concealment and designed to suit 6.1m (20ft), 6.1m (20ft) Jumbo, 12.2m (40ft) and 13.5m (45ft) trailers and containers.

$107.95 Inc GST
Clear Container Covers Clear Container Covers

Clear container covers allow the forklift driver to identify the cargo in order to handle it accordingly. Will suit 20ft, 20ft Jumbo and 40ft trailers and containers.

$132.45 Inc GST