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Cargo Care Equipment, Spill & Environmental Protection and Industrial Supplies

Silverback is an Australian company supplying quality and compliant cargo care equipment, spill & environmental protection and industrial supplies to the transport and logistics industry. We have warehouses situated in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide with national reach.

Container Cargo Net 1.2m x 1.2m Container Cargo Net

This Cargo Net is made from hi-strength polyethylene and is UV resistant. The measurement of the net is 2.2m x 2.2m with 1.5m corner straps and buckles. Fitted with 25mm x 1.5m corner straps and a one-way locking buckle for quick and easy application.

$85.18 Inc GST

Flip Over Dangerous Goods Diamond Flip Flop Dangerous Goods Placard

Flip Over Dangerous Goods Diamond with aluminium base and metal Class 1 to Class 9 pre-printed dangerous goods labels.

$113.50 Inc GST

50mm x 600mm Container Door Strap - Silver 50mm x 600mm Container Door Strap - Silver

Container door strap, 50mm x 600mm with double wire J-hooks.

$20.91 Inc GST

Overpack 114 Litre Overpack 114 Litre

Suitable for containing drums up to 60 litre and is resistant to a wide variety of chemicals.

$231.88 Inc GST
Plastic Pallet Angle Heavy Duty Premium Pallet Angle, 1050mmL

Plastic pallet angles distribute the restraining pressure of the tie-down device across the width of a standard pallet.

Silverback can also supply Custom Colour Pallet Angles. Speak to your local Silverback sales representative for your options on 1300 858 858.

$17.50 Inc GST

Spill Sweep Bio-Organic Absorbent, 10Kg Bag Spill Sweep Bio-Organic Absorbent, 10Kg Bag

Spill Sweep is an organic based absorbent that is used in Silverback Prenco Oil & Fuel and General Purpose Spill Kits.

$34.10 Inc GST