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Cargo Care Equipment, Spill & Environmental Protection and Industrial Supplies

Silverback is an Australian company supplying quality and compliant cargo care equipment, spill & environmental protection and industrial supplies to the transport and logistics industry. We have warehouses situated in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide with national reach.

Driver Emergency Response Kit Driver Emergency Response Kit

The Driver Emergency Response Kit is a must have for anyone who is constantly on the road.

$476.11 Inc GST
Non-Transfer Tamper Evident Tape Non-Transfer Tamper Evident Tape

This tape is considered Non-Transfer meaning the hidden message will not transfer to the applied surface after tape removal and the applied surface remains clean. Only the tape itself will display the hidden VOID message on removal.

Minimum Order Quantity 2

$38.02 Inc GST

Standard High Security Bolt Seals Standard Bolt Seals

These high strength security Bolt Seals are suitable for various types of shipping containers and ground transportation of cargo.

Minimum Order Quantity 200

$1.42 Inc GST

100L General Purpose Prenco Spill Response Kit 100L General Purpose Prenco Spill Response Kit

Suitable for absorbing approximately 100L of oils, fuels, solvents, agricultural chemicals, coolant and general workshop non-aggressive chemicals.

$324.15 Inc GST
White Barrel Cable Seal White Barrel Cable Seals

White Barrel Cable Seals offer strong adjustable barrier and semi barrier protection.

Minimum Order Quantity 500

$2.35 Inc GST
250mm Dangerous Goods Adhesive Labels Dangerous Goods Labels - 250mm

Silverback stock the following 250mm x 250mm Self Adhesive labels in the following common classes

Minimum Order Quantity 25

$2.97 Inc GST