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Emergency Response Kits (ERK)

Silverback supplies different types of emergency response kits (ERK). We are ready to meet your supply and servicing requirements with a history of expertise behind us and a fresh approach to first aid and safety (O.H & S). Standard kits contain basic PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) in large sizing and basic first aid. ERK's can be custom built to suit specific environments and conditions.

Silverback combination kits combine a 32 litre spill kit, general purpose, oil & fuel or hazchem kit with an emergency response kit all in the one conveniently sized bag designed to fit behind the driver or passenger seat for quick ready access.

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Driver Emergency Response Kit Driver Emergency Response Kit

The Driver Emergency Response Kit is a must have for anyone who is constantly on the road.

Usually Ships in 2 to 3 Business Days
$476.11 Inc GST