Emergency Safety Shower

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Emergency Safety Comnination Shower Units

Safety Combination Units comprise a safety shower with either an eye or eye & face wash unit that can be used individually or simultaneously. The units have all the advantages of the superior conical action showerhead and six nozzle eye/face wash delivery systems in one compact integrated unit, available in Aerostream and Softstream. We offer an extensive range of Combination Safety Shower...

Emergency Safety Fixed Wall Mounted Units

Safety Eyewash Units generate aerated water which gently follows the contours of the face, softly washing the contaminants away rather than driving them further into the eye with the potential to cause more significant damage. Silverback offers an extensive range of Eye Wash Units that comply with AS4775:2007 and are ANSI compliant. Eye Wash Units are high-quality stainless steel and durable...

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