Floor Sweep Absorbents

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Spill Stop Mineral Absorbent

Spill Stop Mineral Absorbent is Australian Made and our product displace the Australian Made Logo on every bag and bottle This product is a highly absorbent natural earth product called "Diatomite". Diatomite is a unique product as it is inert, lightweight, highly porous, microcellular and partially organic with highly absorbent fibres over a large surface area. Because of the uniqueness of...

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Spill Sweep Bio Organic Absorbent

Spill Sweep is a highly absorbent Bio-Organic product made in Australia. This product is created with highly absorbent fibres which create a large surface area making clean up easy. With a rapid encapsulation rate of a wide range of fluids, Spill Sweep is a totally biodegradable organic product with bio-active microbes which destroy oils and fuels encapsulated within the fibres. Available...

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Vermiculite Absorbent 30L Bag

IMPORTANT – Some Spill items may not be stocked at time of ordering, Please allow 2 - 4 days for shipping. Vermiculite is an excellent all-liquid granular absorbent. safely absorbs most acids, bases, coolants, paints, solvents, oils and hazardous chemicals. It is ideal for chemical processing plants, paint and panel shops, chemical storage and handling facilities, transport...


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