Oil Fuel Absorbents

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Oil Fuel Dimpled Absorbent Poly Pads

These Oil & Fuel Dimpled Absorbent Pads effectively soak up petroleum-based liquids on both land and water. These pads are hydrophobic and are designed to repel water. Oil & Fuel Dimpled Absorbent Pads can be placed under leaks and drips and help wipe down machinery and equipment. Features: The size of the pads are 500mm x 400mm Choose between 200gsm or 400gsm

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Oil Fuel Absorbent Cushion 530mm x 430mm

Oil Only Pillows have been designed to contain larger amounts of fluid when a pad just isn't enough. They are able to be placed in hard to reach area's and are ideal for taking up accidental spills, drips and leaks. Designed for: All weather conditions, Cleaning up hydrocarbons, oil and oil based fluids. (*These pads will not absorb water or water based liquids) Automotive industry,...


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Oil Fuel Booms

Oil & Fuel absorbents are far more effective for petroleum-based liquids on land and water. Oil & Fuel Absorbents effectively protect stormwater drains, as water will pass under the boom while absorbing the oil & fuel. Oil & Fuel Booms help trap fluids or constant leaks around the base of heavy machinery. Absorbent products are colour coded according to spill type as their absorbency varies....

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Oil Fuel Dimpled Absorbent Poly Roll 400gsm 800mm x 50m

Oil Only Rolls have been designed to rapidly absorb hydrocarbon based spills. They are suited for both Marine and Land based applications where oil and oil based spills may occur. Being hydrophobic,(repel water) they will float on water and remove oils from the surface. Rolls are a convenient alternative to pads, especially in scenarios where greater coverage is required. Heavy Weight Rolls...


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