Hazchem Spill Response Kits

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40L Hazchem Uni Safe Compact Prenco Spill Kit

The 40L Hazchem Uni-Safe Compact Prenco Spill Kits kit is suitable for absorbing up to approximately 40L of most hazardous chemical spills. This custom kit contains the Uni-Safe ph-Plus chemical binder. This powder absorbs and gels all chemicals (except mercury), biotech liquids, and even body fluids without creating a reaction. This unique “one absorbent for all chemicals” product...


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Hazchem Compact Prenco Spill Response Kit

These Hazchem Compact Prenco Spill Kits are suitable for absorbing the most hazardous chemical spills, including acids, oils, caustics, fuels, solvents and agricultural chemicals. They are available in 20L or 40L absorption capacity. They are contained in a zipped weatherproof bag that keeps dust and debris out and is easy to open, giving access to all contents. These...

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Hazchem Prenco Spill Response Kits

Silverback Hazchem Prenco Spill Response Kits feature medium level industrial-grade absorbents for "Hazardous Chemical Spills" in the workplace. Hazchem absorbents are polypropylene microfibers with excellent chemical resistance and outstanding absorbent capabilities. These spill kits are a must-have if you store chemicals of any size or nature. Large kits are available in 75L, 100L,...

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