Marine Spill Response Kits

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Marine Compact Prenco Spill Response Kits

These Marine Compact Spill Kits feature high-performance Oil Absorbent Poly Pads that absorb petroleum-based liquids on land and water. Oil, only absorbents pads, will float on water even when they are fully saturated, thus making them highly effective for any oil removable application. These absorbents Absorb petroleum-derived fluids only.  Ideal for situations where you need to absorb...

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Marine Prenco Spill Response Kits

These kits feature powerful, efficient absorbents for oil spills on or around waterways. These products are designed to repel water. Locate in factories and warehouses close to rivers, at storage tanks, near storm-water drains, truck yards and around a factory adjacent to process machinery. These premium kits also offer our high-quality compact PPE kits, including a mask with filters, goggles,...

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700L Marine PREM Prenco Spill Kit

This Marine Spill Kit is contained within a sizeable 660L wheelie bin with heavy-duty wheels. They are the largest wheelie bin that will fit through a standard doorway, allowing rapid deployment to any part of your site, indoors and outdoors. Suitable for absorbing 700L of oils, fuels and other hydrocarbons on water. These products are designed to repel water. Locate in factories and...

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