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Contaminated Waste Disposal Bags

Contaminated waste bags are suited for the disposal of used spill absorbents and PPE. Silverback supply sets of two and five packs, all with cable ties, and we also offer single bags with cable ties in large and extra-large sizes. These waste bags are ideal for replenishing Spill Kits or having as spares. All silverback contaminated waste disposal bags come with large, easy-to-read print and a...

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Sparkproof Shovel

Spark proof shovel is made from polyethylene and has been treated with a static dissipation additive to ensure that it doesn't hold a static charge. Critical for when cleaning up Class 3 liquids.


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Soft Bristle 300mm Spill Response Broom Timber Handle

Anti-static 300mm Soft Bristle Plastic Head Broom with Timber Handle


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Wire Wall Jug Holder 5.5L

Liquid Spill Lock 5.5 Ltr Wire Wall Jug Holder is used with Bio-Waste Absorbent, 5.5Ltr Jug with keep your item in a clear and dedicated space in the office.


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