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Spill Stop Mineral Absorbent, 10Kg Bag

Spill Stop Mineral Absorbent is Australian Made and our product displace the Australian Made Logo on every bag and bottle This product is a highly absorbent natural earth product called "Diatomite". Diatomite is a unique product as it is inert, lightweight, highly porous, microcellular and partially organic with highly absorbent fibres over a large surface area. Because of the uniqueness...


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Spill Sweep Bio-Organic Absorbent, 10Kg Bag

Spill Sweep is a highly absorbent Bio-Organic product made in Australia. This product is created with highly absorbent fibres which create a large surface area making clean up easy. With a rapid encapsulation rate of a wide range of fluids, Spill Sweep is a totally biodegradable organic product with bio-active microbes which destroy oils and fuels encapsulated within the fibres.


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