Portable Spill Barriers

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Portable Geofabric Containment Barrier

These Portable Geofabric Containment barriers are filled with scoria and help prevent sediment, dirt, slurry and other pollutants from entering the stormwater system. They are easily deployed to surround a spill or block drains. Please note that these barriers may allow a small amount of sediment & water to pass underneath due to the surface conditions, cracks in the ground, etc.Available...

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Portable Spill Barrier PVC Water Filled

The Portable Water-Filled Barrier Booms are designed to act as a reusable silt containment sock, containing liquids on hard surfaces or diverting fluid to a collection point. They are dispatched empty and filled by the client on-site. Manufactured from high strength, durable, UV stabilised PVC. These booms incorporate an installed inlet/outlet fitting to fill and empty the barrier. The barrier...

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Flexible Spill Barrier 70mm x 2000mm

This flexible polyurethane material actually adheres to sealed surfaces when deployed. This tacky characteristic maximises contact with the ground and can be recharged simply by washing with soap and warm water. The interlocking design allows them to be safely joined together for a continuous spill barrier. With excellent chemical resistance, this unit can be used hundreds of times. Packed in...


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