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Drain Seal Protection Mats

Drain Seal Protection Mats provide temporary emergency protection, preventing spilt liquid substances from entering stormwater drains.  These drain mats are made from rugged tacky polyurethane construction, creating a tight seal ensuring oil, most aggressive chemicals and other messy pollutants are blocked from entering the stormwater inlet.  Drain Seal Mats are designed for Fuel...

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Gel Filled Drain Cover 1.2m x 1.2m

Drain protection is an essential element in a spill control plan. In the event of a spill, unwanted liquid pollutants must be prevented from entering waterways and into the environment via stormwater drains. The Gel Filled Drain Cover is highly resistant to many liquids and creates a seal by the activation of specially designed polymer powder that activate with water. The expanding powder...


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Drain Skimmer Unit 500mm x 500mm

The Drain Skimmer unit offers a cost-effective drain protection option. An organic hydrophobic fibre absorbent pillow is placed into the skimmer pouch to absorb hydrocarbons that float on the drain catchment basin water. The Drain Skimmer will float in most drains or sumps where hydrocarbon contamination can occur. The sturdy screen pillow ensures long term exposure to the contaminated water...


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Drain Warden Stormwater Filter System

Stormwater drain filtration has now become and will continue to be a key to pro-actively playing a part in minimising the impact of pollutants reaching environmental habitats. Water runoff from all exposed surfaces risks pollutants entering our waterways. Outdoor parked vehicles, machinery, roads and driveways are all potential sources. For businesses with stormwater drains on-site, a Drain...

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Drain Warden with Gutter Guard

The Drain Warden with Gutter Guard is a highly effective curbside stormwater drain filter. The Drain Warden is placed internally into the stormwater outlet with the benefit of being hidden from vehicles and pedestrian traffic.  Water entering the drain passes through a geotextile filter combined with a highly absorbent hydrophobic polypropylene sock. Whilst silt, trash and debris are...

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Silt Warden

The Silt Warden has been designed for industrial and construction worksites, and it’s highly effective in preventing drains from becoming congested. This heavy-duty drain filter is installed quickly and fits securely under the drain grate. The filter captures sand, dirt, sediment, rubbish, worksite debris, leaves and sticks whilst water passes through effortlessly. It features bright...

Drain Warden Absorbent Basin Bilge Pillow

The Drain Warden sits suspended in the drain pit, held into place by the weight of the grate itself and Velcro retrieval tabs. Stormwater entering the drain, filters through the geotextile fabric and a replaceable highly absorbent polypropylene bilge sock. Solids, silt oil, hydrocarbons and trash are captured in the filter basin or bilge sock as water freely passes through. Drain Warden is an...


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Dewatering Filter Bag

Dewatering and Sediment Filter Bags are designed to contain sediments and heavy particles when silt-laden water is pumped from an excavation site. Using these bags is a simple and cost-effective way of controlling the amount of sediment or pollution leaving the area. They are manufactured from a non-woven geotextile fabric that is needle punched to allow water to pass through whilst easily...

Dewatering Oil Water Separation Bag

The Portable Oil and Water Separator acts as a disposable filter allowing untreated wastewater to pass through the filter bag whilst capturing sediment and hydrocarbons. These filter bags are filled with high quality shredded oil only, melt-blown polypropylene that soaks up most of the oil passing through before arriving at the 270gsm geotextile outer lining.  When installing, place the...

Dewatering Oil Water Separation Bag Wand Attachment

The Oil & Water Separator Filter Bag Wand Attachment has been designed to increase performance whilst conducting dewatering activities through the filter bag. It achieves this by dispersing wastewater through a perforated outlet around the Wand attachment, maximising the outlet's effectiveness for wastewater passing through the filter bag whilst capturing hydrocarbons and sediment,...


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