Temporary Repair Putty

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Plug It Temporary Tank Drum Repair Putty 650g

PLUG IT is designed for the immediate temporary repair of a leak source, reducing clean-up costs and potential environmental impact. Its non-toxic malleable compound can be formed to plug any shape or size and adheres to both wet and dry surfaces even while the fluid is running . Effective with a wide variety of chemicals including, solvents, gasoline and diesel, PLUG IT is a valuable...


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Stay Afloat Instant Leak Plug Sealant 450g

STAY AFLOAT" Is a simple and versatile material intended to be used in the application of stopping or slowing water leaks. The putty can be used in dry or fully submerged applications. After releasing the putty from the tub it is easily moulded and applied by hand into holes, gaps and cracks. For small leak plugging a sufficient amount can stop leaks immediately and when combined with...


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