Water Barriers

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Watergate instant temporary flood control barrier

The Water-Gate WL series is specially designed to provide unfailing protection against floods in many cities or towns located in flood zones. Water-Gate WL barriers are the perfect alternative and quick replacement to sandbags. In addition, they remain stable, regardless of the length and direction of the water flow or the ground slope and can be implemented while the flood is already in...

Watergate instant temporary cofferdam barrier

The Water-Gate WA series allows instant installation of temporary cofferdams, making it possible to work below the water level to carry out aquatic work. It is the culmination of a simple and effective technology that instantly blocks, diverts or contains water from submerged areas. It is also a practical and straightforward alternative for fighting fires in forest environments, and its...

Watergate instant temporary containment control barrier

The Water-Gate WT series is practical as it provides control, containment, and extraction of pollutants in a toxic spill situation. These barriers are ideally suited for emergency interventions in aquatic environments such as rivers, ditches, branches of rivers and streams. The Water-Gate barrier slows the circulation of water to maximise the effectiveness of the absorbent tubes. Compatible...

Containment Booms

Containment Booms can also be known as Oil Spill Booms, Floating Barriers, Baffles and Oil & Fuel Booms. These floating devices are designed to control, contain or deflect floating liquid spills and debris on water. These temporary barriers play an important role to contain spills and debris to reduce the impact to nearby aquatic systems, the shoreline and facilitate and effective evacuation of...

Flood Pillow 30cm x 60cm

Flood Pillows allow businesses and homeowners to be prepared and ready to respond quickly and easily in a flood emergency. Flood preparation and flood response have traditionally revolved around using sandbags to protect properties from water damage. Sandbagging is an incredibly labour intensive process, and even sourcing and transporting the sand in a crisis to manually fill the bags is an...


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