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Head, Eye & Ear Protection Equipment

Silverback is proud to have a comprehensive range of head, eyes and hearing protection equipment, and is happy to offer any kind of support to our customers to improve on site safety.

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Non-Vented Goggles Non-Vented Goggles

3M Farenheit Non Vented Goggles. Comfortable, ergonomically designed full vision safety goggle.

$31.70 Inc GST
3M Disposable Half Face Respirator Mask 3M Disposable Half Face Respirator Mask

The 3M respirator mask is a class 1 mask that has a safety factor of 10.

$68.76 Inc GST
Vented Hard Hats Vented Hard Hats with Pin Lock Harness

Lightweight, colour range of vented hard hats with pin lock harness. Head protection that conforms to Australian Safety Standards AS/NZS: 1801.

$17.05 Inc GST
Safety Glasses Prochoice Tsunami Safety Glasses

Clear, tinted or amber medium impact, anti-scratch lens. 99.9% UV protection for outdoor wear. Ultra lightweight to increase comfort for extended wear.

Minimum Order Quantity 12

$4.50 Inc GST
Visor Assembly Visor Assembly

Anti-Fog 2mm Visor (VC) and brow-guard (BG). Ready assembled to be on the task immediately. One piece wrap around allowing for unobstructed views and excellent side protection 405mm wide x 205mm high

$53.97 Inc GST
Respirator P1 with Valve - 12 pack Respirator P1 with Valve - 12 pack

P1 rating for protection against mechanically and thermally generated particles. Exhalation ProValve for extra air flow.

$32.74 Inc GST
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