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Load Height Measuring Pole

Measuring load height from
1.8m to 4.57m

Under the latest Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL) and Chain of Responsibility (CoR) rules, every party in the heavy vehicle supply chain is responsible and may be held liable for safety breaches committed anywhere along the chain. The Load Height Measuring Pole is a vital safety device in compliance with (HVNL) and (CoR), to ensure maximum load heights are not exceeded for intended travel routes.

Ideal item for vehicle carriers, law enforcement, heavy haulers and oversize load transporters, also useful for anywhere height measurements up to 4.57metres is required. The strong fibreglass construction and accurate easy-to-read metric numbers, make this an invaluable safety item.

Simply loosen the hinge and swivel the cross arm to the 90 degree position to measure your load and then loosen the nut and retract the arm to the folded position for easy storage.

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