Oil & Fuel Hydrocarbon Prenco Spill Response Kits

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Brand: Prenco

Silverback Oil & Fuel Prenco Spill Response Kits feature a medium level of basic absorbents for "Oil & Fuel" fluids. The advertised literate on our Spill Kits is an 'Up To' absorbency capacity of oils, fuels and other hydrocarbons. The hydrophobic absorbent exclusively absorbs oil and fuel while repelling water, making it ideal for marine applications.

Spill-Sweep absorbent is tested to meet EPA standards for landfill disposal. Oil & Fuel absorbents are far more effective for petroleum-based liquids on both land and water. Place under leaks and drips – wipe down hands and equipment. Place in the general waste bin at no cost (hydrocarbons, oils, etc., and non-hazardous fluids only). 

Oil & Fuel Spill Response Kits are suitable for absorbing: Fuels (diesel, petrol, jet fuel), Hydraulic Fluids, Solvents (kerosene, etc.), Ethanol, Methanol, Butanol, Cooking Oils, Paints (water & oil-based) and Coolants. 

Contents and Features

These standard kits offer a mix of Oil & Fuel absorbents, pads and booms. Essential personal protection equipment like single dipped gloves, clean up products, a dustpan & brush set along with contaminated waste disposal bags and ties to contain Oil & Fuel spills.

Compact Carry Bag Kit

These compact vehicle kits with carrying handles are designed for first responders to small spills or to help contain larger spills from spreading into the environment until backup absorbents arrive from the depot. Available in 20L absorption capacity and held in a zipped weatherproof bag that keeps dust and debris out and is easy to open, giving access to all contents. Ideal for small workshops, loading bays, warehouse facilities and on-site plant vehicles servicing plant operations. 

Large Mobile Wheelie Bin Kits

Larger absorption kits are available in 100L, 180L and 240L versions, and all are contained in easy to move around wheelie bins allowing rapid deployment to any part of your site. All of our wheelie bin kits are supplied with a locking wire hasp and staple, fitted with a quick snap security seal to indicate if the equipment has been opened. 

All kits contain content lists, SDS documents, and instructions in a clear document holder. These kits also come supplied with a service record tag attached with a metal strip ring seal with a unique serial number for identification.

Our range of spill products and Oil & Fuel Hydrocarbon Spill Kits adhere to Australian safety standards. We are helping you to comply with all applicable spill control and environmental, health and safety laws.