Trident Pallet Angle Chain Knuckle Placement Tool

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Brand: Australian Made

The Trident Pallet Angle-Chain Knuckle Placement Tool enables pallet angles or chain knuckles to be placed on high loads without climbing onto the back of the truck, used by an average height adult to place a load angle on top of loads 3.5 - 4m high.


  • Spring steel wire formed head with a guide to centre and guide strap or chain
  • Lightweight aluminium handle 900g 
  • Robust twist-action to lock at any length
  • 300mm head width compatible with Silverback’s pallet angles or other industry equivalents
  • Shorter head designed to take Silverback chain knuckles or other industry equivalents
  • Telescopic design for high reaching and compact for ease of storage
  • It is developed and manufactured in Australia

Trident Pallet Angle & Strap Placement Tool

  • 1100mm to 1850mm
  • 1450mm to 2500mm

Trident Chain Knuckle & Chain Placement Tool

  • 1100mm to 1850mm