Assorted Packing & Security Adhesive Tapes

Silverback supplies all types of general-purpose, heavy-duty and security packing tape, suitable for sealing boxes, bags and bundles or anything that requires a temporary seal or closure for security.

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Cloth Tape Rolls

Cloth tapes are made from strong polyethylene coated rayon with a rubber solvent adhesive. A popular all purpose tape to keep in your tool kit or glovebox for running repairs. A range of widths ensures you can match the tape to the application. Cloth tape provides good tempature resistance, up to 40 degrees celsius

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Duct Tape 48mm x 30m GR

Ideal for joining plastic sheets, strong adhesive for quick and reliable attachment. Excellent conformability to irregular shapes, multipurpose duct tape is made from a high quality PVC backing, providing excellent stretch, conformability and durability. Its strong adhesive ensures quick and reliable joining.


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Packing Tape 48mm x 75m CL

Clear packing tape 48mm x 75 Metres long is suitable for sealing boxes, bundling, sealing bags and pretty much anything that requires a temporary seal or closure. Clear finish also ensures that any markings or brandings etc remain visible once applied. Tape comes on a handy cardboard core making it easy to handle and store. Suits most tape dispensing guns capable of holding roll core of...


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Security Seal Tape 48mm x 66m RD WT

Security Seal Packaging Tape is pre-printed with red text so you can easily mark goods, packages or boxes requiring special handling. The tape is made from polypropylene with a strong acrylic adhesive to ensure it securely attaches to your items. Security Seal tapes and labels provide evidence of tampering.


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