IBC Spill Pallet Polyethylene

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Brand: Accumax

Single and Dual IBC Bunded Pallets made from tough Polyethylene are fully compliant for the storage of IBC containers. The Single IBC Bunded Polyethylene Pallet has an engineer certified SWL of 1650kg. The Dual IBC Bunded Polyethylene Pallet has an engineer licensed SWL of 3200kg, making them suitable for storing most liquids.

  • UV stable
  • Rugged poly construction - resistant to most chemicals
  • Removable fibreglass grates for easy cleaning
  • Fully compliant bund capacity
  • Field-tested and proven
  • Nestable for transport to remote regions
  • Forklift pockets for easy relocation of bund when empty
  • Australian Made

Single IBC Spill Pallet Polyethylene

  • CAPACITY: 1150L 
  • SWL: 1650kg
  • SIZE: 1760mm x 1350mm x 800mm
  • WEIGHT: 107kg

Dual IBC Bunded Spill Pallet Polyethylene

  • CAPACITY: 1300L
  • SWL: 3200kg
  • SIZE: 2550mm x 1350mm x 580mm
  • WEIGHT: 116kg

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