WaterSorb Fuel Storage

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Brand: Envirosmart

WaterSorb has been designed to maintain peak performance and prevent engine failure by absorbing water in fuel tanks. This assists in preserving engine life and minimises filter-clogging rust and algae.

Water in fuel can cause many issues:

  • Reduce fuel combustion and engine output
  • Can cause injectors to block
  • Tank corrosion
  • Provide an environment for microbes to grow in diesel storage tanks
  • It can also be costly and dangerous

Although draining the water from fuel storage tanks may seem like an easy option, it is also problematic, as it's not always possible and requires specially designed filters or additives. The safest and most cost-effective way to collect water from fuel storage tanks is by deploying WaterSorb.

Water settles below the fuel at the base of the tank. WaterSorb is lowered into the tank whilst attached to a retrieval cord. The ballast in the device settles it to the bottom where the water is located. A protected nylon bladder contains an active absorbent that swells as water is absorbed, leaving the fuel behind.

Full saturation is indicated when the bladder expands tightly against the protective casing and is ready to be removed using the retrieval cord. Once placed in the tank, WaterSorb should be checked periodically and removed after three months regardless of how much water absorption occurs.

It is designed for agricultural industries, transport and road haulage, refineries and gas companies.


  • Highly absorbent bladder
  • Removes water only, leaving the fuel behind
  • It contains a protective casing around the absorption bladder
  • Tough retrieval line for easy deployment, retrieval and attachment when in place
  • Two sizes available