AdBlue Compact Prenco Spill Response Kits

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Brand: Prenco

These AdBlue® Compact Spill Kits are first responders' small to medium-sized carry bag kits. These AdBlue® Compact Spill Kits can be quickly deployed to help contain larger spills from spreading into the environment. These absorbents are effective for AdBlue® dedicated spills.

AdBlue® Compact Spill Kits are a must-have if you run diesel fuel vehicles, and they are designed for small workshops and on-site plant vehicles servicing plant operations. 

AdBlue® is the marketing term for a fluid used in the catalytic converter fitted to the exhaust systems of some diesel trucks and cars. It is injected into the exhaust gases and burnt at very high temperatures to break down harmful nitrogen oxides. Some diesel engines need AdBlue® to help them meet demanding Euro 6 emissions standards that regulate what level of harmful emissions can come out of a car's exhaust.

These compact kits are available in 20L or 40L absorption capacity. They are contained in a zipped weatherproof bag that keeps dust and debris out and is easy to open, giving access to all contents.

All kits contain a clear document holder with content lists, SDS documents, and instructions. These kits also come supplied with a service record tag attached with a metal strip ring seal with a unique serial number for identification.

Our range of spill products and AdBlue® Spill Kits adhere to Australian safety standards. We are helping you to comply with all applicable spill control and environmental, health and safety laws.