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Silverback's capabilities in the Australian Defence Force

Silverback is an Australian company supplying quality and compliant cargo care equipment to the transport and logistics industry with warehouses in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide with national reach.



  • The convenience of a large aggregator for cargo care equipment but at prices of a manufacturer.
  • Self-manufacture 70% of our product range. Produce in excess of 50 customised products.
  • Program of continuous product compliance testing.
  • Pioneers the development of testing standards (eg, shoring bars & lightweight dunnage).
  • In-house design capability - we spec. to your requirements.
  • Reduce transactional costs for consumables - leverage off our warehouse space.

Key Customers

  • Silverback’s Defence customers include Linfox Defence, Army Reserves, Air Movements, LAND121 Phase 3B, and Joint Logistics Command. Since 1995 Silverback has been supplying to large national transport and logistics companies including Linfox, Toll, Aurizon, Woolworths & Coles. Customer contact details can be provided on request.

Key Partners

  • Silverback Container Management Services, Prenco Environmental Spill Control & Austlift.

The Silverback Product Showcase concisely summarises our highly customisable product range comprising approximately 2,000 items. We aim to be the Defence Industry's preferred choice for the supply of cargo care equipment.