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Spill Absorption Material for Cleaning Hazardous Spills.

Because spills happen in a variety of environments, Silverback has a variety of absorbents to address all needs. These absorbents are available in rolls, pads, pillows, bags and socks or booms.

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Plugitup Plugitup Temporary Tank & Drum Repair Putty

A single worker is able to temporarily repair holes, tears and ruptures in tanks, drums, pipes, tankers and barrels etc. No surface preparation is needed.

$64.49 Inc GST
Econo Spill Stop Absorbent Econo Spill Stop Absorbent - 10kg Bag

Econo Spill Stop Absorbent is a mineral diatomite absorbent that offers a physical & chemical entrapment/absorption of most liquids & gases. It is naturally very porous, and can hold up to 150% of its weight in water.

Minimum Order Quantity 4

$32.95 Inc GST
Spill Sweep Bio-Organic Absorbent, 10Kg Bag Spill Sweep Bio-Organic Absorbent, 10Kg Bag

Spill Sweep is an organic based absorbent that is used in Silverback Prenco Oil & Fuel and General Purpose Spill Kits.

$34.10 Inc GST