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Spill Containment

The correct Storing, Handling & Dispensing of fluids to help prevent spills is a high priority today. Meeting the many legislative and quality standards such as the General Environmental Duty, ISO 14001, Australian Standards and the Australian Dangerous Goods code requires certain measures and equipment to be in place. Silverback has sourced an extensive range of quality, high performance products that offer "best practice" and safety advantages when storing and handling containers of fluids.

These help ensure that drums and containers are stored correctly at your premises and when dispensing and decanting operations take place, they are done with the assistance of the right safety item - all with the goal of spill risk reduction and compliance with those standards.


Bunding, also called a bund wall, is the area within a structure designed to prevent inundation or breaches of various types.

The term can also refer to dikes, but it is frequently used to describe liquid containment facilities that prevent leaks and spillage from tanks and pipes, though sometimes any barrier is referred to as bunding. Frequently, the liquids in tanks and pipes are toxic, but bunding is used to prevent the liquid from causing damage (either by force or its chemistry) If a large tank has a catastrophic failure, the liquid alone can cause extensive damage. Bunding is a legal requirement in many countries particularly around tanks, storage vessels and other plant that contain liquids which may be dangerous or hazardous to the environment.

Silverback's Bunding solutions offer portable/flexible as well as fixed options for that "wall" "dike" or "barrier" to contain any fluid.

Portable Collapsable Bunds

Set up wherever a bund is needed to store hazardous materials, service equipment or contain fluids from leaks and failures. Use them as a containment wash bay, just lower any side and drive in!


  • Quickest portable bunding solution on the market
  • Made from the strongest, most durable geo membrane FTL30
  • Ideal for harsh environments that require oil & chemical containment
  • Optional light duty economy 900gsm PVC also available
  • Heavy duty corner supports add strength and durability to this free standing bund
  • One piece construction with no components to lose
  • Low profile support arms - -on the outside of the bund so as to not restrict the inside access
  • Easy to drive in clearance and provides a wider variety of field uses
  • Eyelets on the base of the straps allow the unit to be pegged to soft ground
  • Easier to store, light to carry, yet is tough and durable for the most demanding industrial jobs
  • Just wash after use and store away for the next application

Also available with Rigid sides for space saving applications - requires assembly and not suitable for "drive through"

Spill Bund Containment Mat

Fully bunded, traffic-able, portable containment mats can be used in any conditions to contain liquids, leaks and drips in servicing activities. Wash cars, trucks, buses, boats, machinery or parts or for temporary storage of drums & equipment without creating environmental risk.

Available in light duty 900gsm PVC or Heavy Duty FTL30 geo membrane

  • Complies with waste water legislation/codes of practice throughout Australia
  • Eliminates the need to build expensive permanent structures
  • Standard 100mm "drive-over" sides
  • Flexible side walls for delivery of liquid storage drums
  • Chemically resistant & UV stable fabric
  • Lightweight - easy to fold up and store after use

Floor Bunding

Create a Bunded area with Permanent "Drive-Over" Floor Bunding

  • Spill Barrier Bund: pre-glued EVA SPONGE for light duty applications
  • Protecta-Bund: Polyurethane, durable, heavy duty applications -bolt down
  • Wall Bund: higher profile for increased capacity and along perimeter walls

Ideal for Workshops & Factories, Across Doorways and Entrances, Around Machinery, Transport Depots, Fuel transfer bays and Chemical Storage Facilities.

Spill Pallets & Bunds

Secondary containment products made from polyethylene and designed for bunding drums, tanks, equipment and any item that requires compliance with EPA and Australian Standards storage and handling of fluids.

  • Drum Spill Pallets: for 2 to 4 drums (up to 205 litres)
  • IBC Spill Pallets: for 1000 litre IBC totes - available in 1-5 module units
  • Hard Top Spill Pallets: for weatherproof protection
  • Spill Decks: low profile containment pallets for decanting & transfers
  • Drum Trucks: for moving and dispensing of 205 litre drums
  • Pallet Rack Sumps: for storage of fluids on racking
  • Overpack Drums: for emergency containment of leaking containers
If that drum does leak or is split, the best item to have on hand is:- "Plug 'n Dike" Emergency Leak Sealant Putty - an essential item for the transport industry & emergency response teams. In this section you will find Containment Solutions for spills & leaks of Oils, Fuels and Hydrocarbons and Hazardous Chemicals and Water intrusion in the Marine environment. Prenco has sourced an extensive range of quality, high performance products that offer "best practice" and safety advantages in spill clean-up activities. Punctured drums Leaking pipelines Vehicle accidents Damaged fuel tankers Leaking boats and fittings

These products help to fulfil the environmental and legislative requirements for the storage and handling of fluids.

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Overpack 79 Litre Overpack 79 Litre

Suitable for containing drums up to 25 litres and is resistant to a wide variety of chemicals.

$199.56 Inc GST
Overpack 114 Litre Overpack 114 Litre

Suitable for containing drums up to 60 litre and is resistant to a wide variety of chemicals.

$248.40 Inc GST
Overpack 360 Litre Overpack 360 Litre

The poly-overpack salvage drum is suitable manufactured from 100% polyethylene and is suitable for containing a wide variety of chemicals.

$644.11 Inc GST