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Warehouse & Logistics Supplies

We know that running a clean and efficient warehouse requires solid processes, the highest safety standards, vigilance and host of compliant products ranging from the humble disinfectant to sophisticated machinery. Silverback has commercial grade cleaning products, hand washes, tools, bins, forklift accessories including drum lifts, cage attachments, extension tynes and more. Why deal with a number of suppliers when Silverback can supply it all.

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Mixed Cotton Rags Mixed Cotton Rags - 10kg

Mixed Cotton Rag. Suitable for Mechanics, Warehouses, Workshops. Can be a combination of Fleecy, Light Cotton and Corduroy.

$31.74 Inc GST
2 Ply Toilet Paper Rolls Toilet Paper, 2 Ply, Pack of 48

This pack of 2 ply toilet paper of 48 rolls will help keep your bathroom stocked to avoid running out unexpectedly.

$42.94 Inc GST
Tyre Rejuvenator Shine Tyre Shine - 20L

Tyre Shine will effortlessly rejuvenate tyres leaving them black and shiny like new.

Dangerous Goods Information Folder Dangerous Goods Information Folder

White vinyl cover with hard or soft backed document holder and a clear pouch. Adequately holds A4 size documents and is mandatory for vehicles carrying 'Dangerous Goods'

Minimum Order Quantity 5

$30.50 Inc GST

Dy-Mark Line Master Machine Dy-Mark Line Master Machine

The Line Master features a modern, ergonomic design and is capable of producing smooth, sharp lines on both indoor and outdoor surfaces.

$439.21 Inc GST
Phoenix Cordless Bolt Seal Cutter Phoenix Cordless Bolt Seal Cutter

The Phoenix Cordless Bolt Seal Cutter takes away the risk of strain injuries when using traditional heavy manual bolt cutters and also potential for eye injuries often caused by projectile seal parts during cutting.

Price: $1,840.21 Inc GST
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