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Washroom Cleaning Products

Silverback supplies a wide range of washroom cleaning products, a comprehensive range of toilet paper and paper hand towels as well as other paper tissue products.

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2 Ply Toilet Paper Rolls Toilet Paper, 2 Ply, Pack of 48

Kleenex 2 Ply Toilet Paper is a premium quality embossed toilet tissue.

$41.29 Inc GST
Citrogel Hand Cleaner 5L Citrogel Hand Cleaner 5L

Citrogel is very effective in removing a wide variety of soils like ink, grease, oil, garden soil and most other industrial soils. Fits Easy Squeeze Dispenser.

$31.83 Inc GST
Paper Towel Kleenex Compact 4440 4440 Kleenex Compact Hand Towel White 90 Sheets per 24 pack

High capacity hand towel with AIRFLEX fabric to provide superior hand drying performance by providing extra absorbency. Carton Qty 24 Packs.

$65.95 Inc GST
Citrosol Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner 5L Citrosol Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner 5L

Citrosol is a heavy duty hand cleaner that combines the oil from orange peel and solvent.

$38.01 Inc GST
Hand and Body Wash Liquid Soap Hand & Body Wash Liquid Soap - 5L

Hand and Body Wash is a mild liquid soap wash that leaves skin feeling silky soft and clean.

$20.17 Inc GST