G70 Chain Load Choker 8mm LC 4000kg


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Product Code: 10271

Brand: Aussie Products

Optimal Load Security for Diverse Transport Needs

8mm chain load chokers are engineered and designed for application with an 8mm G70 transport chain. Manufactured to international standards, the 8mm chain load choker is ideal for restricting load restraint movement when transporting belly wrapped loads of steel or lumber. The 2:1 leverage pulls the load together, restricting movement in all directions.

The 8mm chain load choker restrains loads that are near impossible to secure. Products of differing shapes and sizes can be quickly and effectively restrained with fewer chains. Top layers can be securely belly wrapped to stop the centre of load from shifting forward under braking. There is no need to pyramid the stack, therefore maximising payloads.


  • These G70 load chokers are made from drop forged alloy steel for strength and durability within the rigours of the transport industry.
  • The steel has a gold coloured zinc passivated finish resulting in long service life from corrosion.
  • This system greatly improves the traditional belly strap method as it creates an even tension around the entire load.
  • The process and application are also significantly faster during unloading times, particularly with multiple deliveries.
  • Different sizes and different shaped products are easily and safely secured with fewer chains saving time and eliminating safety concerns.
  • Complies to AS/NZS 4344.