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Everything you need to know about the Silverback team and our huge range of products for Load Restraint, Cargo Protection and Spill Control.

Silverback Spill Control System

Silverback’s Spill Control System

An all-inclusive process to identify environmental risks and provides effective products, staff training, and ongoing maintenance programs to protect business environmental and OHS compliance needs.

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We stand for the superior protection and safety of people, cargo and the environment.

Silverback is a trusted Australian supplier of products for load restraint, cargo protection and emergency response. Our products and services are aimed to provide outstanding protection and safety to people, cargo and environments.

We have the range if you need a compliant load restraint G70 transport chain, load binders, webbing straps, and ratchet tie-downs to transport your precious cargo safely. At Silverback, we supply emergency response products, spill kit training services and safety equipment (PPE) to safeguard your employees and keep our environment safe.

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Silverback 25 Years Service


Transport, Storage, Medical, Manufacturing, Utilities, Construction, Emergency, Agriculture, Environmental, Industrial, Community, Government, Retail, Marine.

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Silverback is a proud member of The Dian Fossey Foundation.

Silverback is committed to the critical work of protecting gorilla families every day, investing in improving the lives of people living near gorillas, and inspiring the gorilla conservationists of the future.

The Silverback team generously supports The Dian Fossey Foundation's vital work in protecting gorillas today and for many years.

For more information or to donate; please visit;

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