Onsite Spill Response Training

Education and training for developing spill response plans and utilising equipment and consumable items are of considerable importance for safety, both the employee and corporate image outcomes, economic costs and the environmental impact. Our spill response training sessions have been organised to provide an affordable and flexible solution to reducing your company’s risk of non-compliance. The courses are designed to provide the essential knowledge staff need to act appropriately when a spill occurs.

Did you know?

WHS Regulations Section 4 Hazardous Materials Regulation 379: ensuring that employees who could be exposed to hazardous substances used at work are provided with information and training on the nature of hazards and on the means of assessing and controlling exposure to such substances and that employee representatives in the workplace have access to this information.

Silverback Onsite Spill Response Training


Silverback offers Spill Response Training at three levels:

  • TOOLBOX: The introduction session briefly introduces your Spill Kit contents and its purpose. These sessions are designed for delivery before a shift change, during designated breaks, or for new employee inductions. Duration is 15 – 20 minutes.
  • LEVEL 1: Covers basic steps in responding to a spill incident, including using relevant spill response products. It is recommended for Spill Team members, who are required to clean up spills in their daily operations. A written assessment and a ‘Certificate of Attendance’ are optional inclusions. Duration is 50 - 70 minutes.
  • LEVEL 2: Includes LEVEL 1 training, a more detailed theory session, the steps in responding to a spill incident, incorporation of the company spill plan, recommendations for actions for the Spill Team leader, disposal & follow-up obligations. A spill simulation exercise is also included. A ‘Certificate of Attendance’ is an optional inclusion. Duration is approx 2 hours.

Review the accompanying training session options and content, then contact your local Silverback Branch or complete the online enquiry form so we can put together a suitable option and quote. Also, consider our Spill Kit & Equipment Service Agreement options. This can be packaged up for attractive savings and help you maintain compliance.

Experienced and competent trainers conduct Spill Training Sessions.

Silverback’s Spill Response Training packages include:

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