Drip & Storage Trays

Drip storage trays come in various size containers that collect liquids and prevent spills or leaks. They are typically used in industrial, commercial, or household settings where fluids such as oil, chemicals, or water must be kept separate from other materials or surfaces.

Some typical applications of drip storage trays include:

  1. Automotive maintenance: Drip trays can collect oil, transmission fluid, or other liquids that may leak from vehicles during maintenance.
  2. Industrial settings: Drip trays can be used in factories or manufacturing plants to collect chemicals or other substances that may spill or leak during production.
  3. Agriculture: Drip trays can collect excess water or fertilizer runoff from potted plants or hydroponic systems.
  4. Household: Drip trays can be used under potted plants to prevent water from damaging floors or furniture.

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