Class 5 Oxidizing Substances

Oxidizers are defined by dangerous goods regulations as substances which may cause or contribute to combustion, generally by yielding oxygen as a result of a redox chemical reaction. Organic peroxides are substances which may be considered derivatives of hydrogen peroxide where one or both hydrogen atoms of the chemical structure have been replaced by organic radicals. Commonly transported class 5 dangerous goods include swimming pool chemicals and fertilizers.

Commonly Transported:

Chemical oxygen generators, Ammonium nitrate fertilizers, Chlorates, Nitrates, Nitrites, Perchlorates, Permanganates, Persulphates, Aluminium nitrate, Ammonium dichromate, Ammonium nitrate, Ammonium persulphate, Calcium hypochlorite, Calcium nitrate, Calcium peroxide, Hydrogen peroxide, Magnesium peroxide, Lead nitrate, Lithium hypochlorite, Potassium chlorate, Potassium nitrate, Potassium perchlorate, Potassium permanganate, Sodium nitrate and Sodium persulphate.

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