Marine Spill Kits

Silverback Marine Spill Kits are designed to handle oil spills in or around waterways effectively. These spill kits contain specially formulated absorbents to repel water and float on the surface, making them highly suitable for marine environments. They can be strategically placed in various locations such as vessels, boat sheds, aquatic refuelling facilities, factories, warehouses, and areas near rivers, storage tanks, storm-water channels, or drains.

The Silverback Marine Spill Kits have two high-performance oil absorbents. The Oil Select Absorbents Pads float on water while fully saturated, making them effective in non-water absorption oil-removal tasks. They absorb various petrochemicals without degradation, ensuring chemical resistance. They are efficient, requiring less material for disposal, reducing costs. With a large surface area, they also effectively cover spills and capture drips on land or factory floors. These Marine Spill Kits also include the Floating Loose Biodegradable "K-Sorb" Absorbent, which stands out as a high-performing absorbent designed explicitly for oil spills on water. With its remarkable ability to absorb up to 13 times its weight, K-Sorb excels in difficult-to-reach locations. Moreover, its biodegradability ensures environmental safety and eliminates the need for costly disposal. K-Sorb has passed the EPA landfill test, confirming its status as an environmentally friendly solution for addressing marine oil spills.

Silverback's Marine Prenco Spill Kits are available in 20L, 40L, 120L, 240L and 700L absorption capacity options, and all contain a clear document holder with a relevant content list, SDS documents and instructions. All kits have a service record tag attached to a metal strip ring seal with a unique serial number for identification.

Our range of spill products and Marine Spill Kits adhere to Australian safety standards. Silverback is helping you to comply with all applicable spill control and environmental, health and safety laws.

Marine Spill Kits are suitable for absorbing:

Oils, fuels and other hydrocarbons on water. These products are designed to repel water.


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Silverback 20L Marine Compact Spill Kit

20L Marine Compact Spill Kit

$148.45 (inc GST)
Silverback 40L Marine Compact Spill Kit

40L Marine Compact Spill Kit

$264.61 (inc GST)
Silverback 120L Marine Spill Kit

120L Marine Spill Kit

$511.21 (inc GST)
Silverback 240L Marine  Spill Kit

240L Marine Spill Kit

$883.34 (inc GST)

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