Truck Winches, Winch Straps & Winch Bars

Silverback supplies truck winches, ranging from clip-on ratchet-style and slide-on winches with straps to bare winches and gate winch systems. We assure you of the best quality and performance of our products. Silverback supplied winches are all marked with lashing capacity, batch numbered for traceability and come with the standard 21 teeth double pawl patent design. All our truck winches comply with Australian and New Zealand quality standards. Batch test certificates are available to ensure you get consistent, top-reliable products for your transport requirements.

We also supply winch bars designed to help you tighten down the winch strap so that it grips your freight in a tight and stable hold. All Silverback Winch Bars are heat-treated for extra strength, and the flanged mushroom tip helps keep the bar from slipping from the winch.

Our range of Truck Winches, Straps and Bars include:

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