Security Seals & Locks

Are you in search of safeguarding your business, assets, or supply chain from unauthorised access? Is protecting valuable products, currency, or documents from theft and tampering necessary?

When securing valuable products, you require a well-crafted security solution with tamper-evident technology that can withstand tampering attempts and make them time-consuming and conspicuous. Silverback's range of products offers tamper-evident solutions, providing end-to-end protection for your supply chain, all in one place, and ensuring peace of mind.

The security needs of your business vary depending on several factors, including your industry, the size of the supply chain, and items frequently transported. These aspects determine the level and scope of security required to safeguard your assets, information, or products against intentional interference, attacks, or unauthorised access at every level of your business.

By identifying vulnerabilities and risks proactively, you can choose and implement a robust and layered tamper-evident solution, making your assets less accessible and safeguarding them against theft, alteration, or damage by unauthorised individuals.

Our range of Security Seals includes:

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