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Silverback High-Strength Security Bolt Seal for Shipping Containers and Cargo Transportation

Keep your shipping containers and cargo safe with the Silverback High-Strength Shipping Container Bolt Seals. It safeguards from pilferage and meddling and is applicable in diverse logistics and transport environments. Highly favoured in the Maritime, Logistics, Air Freight, and Retail sectors. Bolt Seals are the number one solution to seal Freight Containers, Truck Doors, Trailers and Rail Wagons.

Key Features:

  • Interlocking petals to clearly show tampering, adding extra security and peace of mind.
  • The components and body of the steel lock are extremely durable. They are even stronger than the minimum 18 mm diameter requirement. This provides a powerful defence against break-in attempts.
  • It can withstand a pulling force of 2000kg, protecting against theft and making unauthorized access difficult.
  • Each bolt and body has permanent laser-engraved numbers to prevent part substitution, increasing security.
  • Silverback Bolt Seals comply with ISO 17712:2013 standards. These standards include clause 6, which tests for evidence of tampering. Silverback Bolt Seals are secure and meet worldwide standards for high-security seals.
  • Customise bolt seals with your logo and select colours for your company. Just let us know your requirements. Minimum order quantities apply.

Material Specifications:

  • Bolt Material: High-grade steel with a silver, zinc pattern finish
  • Body and Spring: Durable steel construction
  • Coating: A robust layer of ABS plastic
  • Colour: White

Numbering Detail:

  • Precision Marking: Direct laser-marked with a unique seven-digit numbering for easy identification and tracking.

Packaging Information:

  • 10 seals per tray
  • 20 seals per box
  • 200 seals per carton

The Silverback High-Security Bolt Seals are your trusted solution for securing high-value cargo. The strong materials, safe features, and security standards make it essential to combat theft and tampering of cargo. Secure your assets with confidence—choose Silverback Bolt Seals.

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